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Fashion Unisex Elastic Mesh Stainless Steel Ring

Fashion Unisex Elastic Mesh Stainless Steel Ring

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Material:Made of high quality stainless steel, durable and long lasting, Lead Free,Nickel Free Eco-friend ,Is very durable and solid.

Size:Please check the photos below

You can wear this  whenever and wherever. Wear it with fashion,

Wear it with upscale dress codes. This fits ALL occasions. 

Wear this shiny stainless steel, simple but very classy and elegant.

Perfect for all occasions: anniversary, engagement, party, meeting,, wedding, daily wear, etc

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About ring size:

1. Prepare a slip of paper and tie it on your finger.

2. Mark on the junction on the paper.

3. Measure the length and get the perimeter.

4. According to perimeter, find corresponding US size.

Measure picture

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